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I’m Aaron Mitchell and I’m a do it all Photographer.

Expect The Extraordinary


My name is Aaron Mitchell. I’m from West Philadelphia born and raised. The city of Philadelphia is where I spend most of my days. I attended Ursinus College where I earned my bachelor’s degree. That’s when I officially began to pursue photography. I always had an eye for photography. I just wasn’t able to afford the expensive equipment, you know what I’m sayin “Ya Feel Me!” It wasn’t until college when I became financially capable to purchase a camera. Capturing The perfect moment is very important to me.  My love for Photography was influenced by how I perceive the world. I was drawn to the craft in an attempt to capture the “Moment”: adversity, beauty, celebration, emotion, heartache, intensity,  love, passion, romance, strength and vibrance. The same feeling of  emotion one gets from a story of cinematic film. To be able to compile all of those characteristics and translate that dynamic into still imagery, is my passion. 

I have over 5 years of experience capturing  events from online media outlets, to portraiture, sports, weddings and a wide variety of event photography.  My work has been featured in published books, Philadelphia Sports Digest, Temple University Athletics, Ursinus College Africana Studies Program, and many more portfolios. Please feel free to browse my portfolio full of  my images. Follow my social media accounts on the diverse social media platforms to see the current postings of my work. If you are in need of a photographer, please feel free to contact me.  Don’t forget, When working with A Extraordinaire, “Expect The Extraordinary.”

One Luv,


The support of the organization.

PPA offers additional education programs to increase and improve my skill set.

Being a part of a large like minded community.

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